Are Bounce Houses and Inflatable Slides Safe?

Are Bounce Houses and Inflatable Slides Safe?

Safety can be a huge issue for parents when it comes to entertaining the kids at any event . We’ll show you why inflatable rentals can be the safest way to play at the park or in your own backyard.

Adult supervision is paramount in having a safe play in bounce houses. Here are some tips to avoid accidents/injuries while playing inside a bounce house.

A. The most important is limiting the number of children and adults in the bounce house at one time. The more kids there are inside, the easier it will be for someone to accidentally jump on someone’s hand, etc. If the bouncer becomes too crowded, the kids are more likely to have a small accident.

B. To avoid crowding the little bouncers, it’s not a bad idea to keep older kids and adults separate and decide on different times for them to play. Do not let younger kids play with older, heavier, more rowdy kids inside.

C. During the event, ask if there is someone available to chaperone the bounce house. If you have a big and high quality inflatable, the adult supervisor can get in and play with the kids. Having someone to watch the bounce house activities can cut down the risk of many common problems like under inflation or minor injuries.

D. Make sure you rent from a reputable company. Safety should be one of the rental company’s highest priority.

There are also proper ways is using the bounce house like :

A. Taking off the shoes, eyeglasses and jewelry and remove all sharp objects from pockets before entering the bouncer.

B. Make sure that there’s no rough play , tumbling, wrestling or flips.

C. If the bouncer begins to lose air, stop play and carefully exit the bouncer.

The key for parents is understanding and being aware of the three Ws of bounce house safety:

– Wind can be the enemy of an inflatable and can cause it become dangerous. Most manufacturers recommend removing children from bounce houses and /or deflating them when winds are 20 to 25 miles per hour or higher.

– An adult should entrusted to monitor and supervise the operation of the bouncer.

– Ask the operator to see the company’s current insurance policy and state inspections.

Remembering the three Ws and the other tips listed will help make the bounce house as fun and as it is intended to be.

The following checklist is to be completed together with the owner and renter upon each
installation and setup of each inflatable bounce house and/or bouncy slide rental.
Failure to read, understand, and follow these rules could result in injury.

Below is a sample of Pre Operations Checklist:

Attendant/Renter Responsibilities:

A. Supervision by an adult is required at all times.

B. The adult supervisor should make all riders aware of rules posted on the inflatable.

C. The bounce house and/or slide must be securely anchored at all times with stakes or sandbags.

D. Entry into the inflatable device should be done in an orderly and controlled

E. Riders should be of similar age, weight and height range. Adults and older
children should not bounce in a rowdy manner with younger children of differing size.

F. Persons under the influence of any “Intoxicating” substances should be wary in
the bounce house.

G. No shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, or sharp objects.

H. No somersaults, diving, wrestling, flips, rough play, and hanging nets or roofa are
allowed in the inflatable.

I. No food, drinks, gum, pets, silly string, or confetti allowed in the inflatable.

J. Do not use the bouncy house and/or slide if wind conditions exceed 15-20mMPH.

K. Use caution if the bounce house is wet.

L. Keep everyone away from air blower at all times.

M. The rental shall not be moved from the location of installation.

Emergency Procedures:

In the unlikely event of a Severe Weather Alert, Power Failure, or Medical Emergency, the
following procedures should be followed.

A. Call the appropriate emergency responders if necessary.

B. Exit the inflatable in an orderly fashion and stay away from the inflatable.

C. Turn off blower and unplug from outlet.

D. Keep participants away from the inflatable.

Residential Bounce House Safety Issues

You can find more on how to keep your Bounce Houses and Slides safe visit:

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